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Integrated Marketing Communications (I-MARCOM) "Career ads and the 'Old Boys' network don't work... it's all about branding now... well-written articles for trade magazines... position your company as a leader... make both a logical and an emotional connection with each candidate... You can't present the image of your company that is boring, staid or traditional; you must strive to present an emotionally-based image of dynamism, youth and forward movement...

"Packaging is everything else... Outsiders cannot see what you see... they move for greater challenges and the opportunity to play on a winning team, so package your company accordingly. Project your company as a winner... Simply repackaging your opportunity to address their hot buttons defuses money as the primary issue."

David Perry, Managing Partner, Perry-Martel International Inc., (executive search professionals for the advanced technology industry): "Playing to Win: 10 rules for recruiting great people to your technology company", Silicon Valley North, December, 1999.

"In the past year we have worked with you and your associates to achieve a local profile with a view to successful recruiting and to communicate to the local industry and media our vision of electronics design. This relationship has been very successful. We have exceeded our recruiting goals and have communicated very effectively to the local media why we are here, what we are doing and why we are good for local industry.

"I would like to commend your energy, creativity and responsiveness each time we have called upon your services. I also want to specially mention and commend you for your pro-active and effective liaisons with the local media that resulted in accurate clarifications in cases where the media had come into possession of false or incomplete perspectives of our abilities here in the Ottawa region. This has saved us on several occasions needless embarrassment."

Unsolicited letter from the Executive VP of a Silicon Valley electronics design company for whom ASH Technology Marketing had served as the outsourced "complete marketing department" for the Canadian subsidiary. The letter was received in May, 1998 at the completion of the engagement.

"Marketing is truth management. But, with strong advance planning and crisp, aggressive execution you can sometimes create your own truth. Once you have created that truth, you have to squeeze every ounce of value from it that you can."

Neal Hill, VP, Marketing, Cognos Inc., 1997

Aw shucks, you're embarrassing me with all these compliments...

"Our goals for these advertising and media relations campaigns were tied to our need for recruiting. You have far exceeded our wildest expectations in this regard. We are very pleased with the results you have been able to achieve and would like to discuss with you what other activities we might be able to engage you in... Your work so far for us has been commendable and I look forward to our ongoing relationship. Many thanks for your efforts."

Unsolicited mid-engagement feedback from an ASH Technology client for whom we were providing integrated marketing and Marcom services to operations in Ottawa, Toronto, Boston, San Jose, and Maryland. 1997

"I thought that is was important to conclude our telephone conversation with a letter to thank you... You have certainly been instrumental in establishing a functional communication component to our programs, and I am personally very glad that we can continue to obtain your expertise for our communication strategies in the future."

Unsolicited mid-engagement feedback from a client, August, 1998

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