"Big-guy" market spotlight, "Small-guy" cost

Many Skills, Many Services

ASH Technology Marketing brings you all the key marketing talents, techniques and vehicles that you'd find in a top-notch in-house marketing department at a large and established hi-tech company, but without the overheads and without the pressure to keep all these resources utilized. And all the pieces work synergistically together and operate with absolute commitment and loyalty to you. So you can have the market presence, professionalism and impact of a big player at a fraction of the cost!
~ Marketing mentoring to senior management

~ Marketing planning and strategy development

~ Competitive niche marketing

~ Competitive and market research and analysis

~ Product and business unit launch and merchandising

~ Corporate and product positioning/re-positioning

~ Corporate and product identities

~ Product packaging design and production

~ Promotional materials development and production

~ Website and e-commerce development

~ Media, public and investor relations

~ Industry and government relations

~ Advertising artwork design and production

~ Advertising media analysis and buying

~ Trade show participation management

~ Promotional exhibit design and production

~ Strategic advertising specialties sourcing

~ Sales campaign planning and design

~ Telemarketing and direct mail/e-mail campaign design

~ Sales infrastructure development

~ Corporate development

~ Strategic corporate "make-overs"

Need some help crashing through a market wall?

Looking for a media relations program to deliver sustained, long-term profile?

Setting up a subsidiary, R&D lab or sales office in Ottawa, Canada?

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