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Instant Credibility "To be honest, I'm ticked off. More than a little envious, to be specific. You've made them larger than life. You built them a stunning booth, got them a prime spot on the show floor, generated traffic, right into their booth. Their brochures and that contest really work. Look at them, over there... all the people in their booth... like shooting fish in a barrel. We look amateur by comparison, and our booth is garbage.

"I want you to do for us what you've done for them."

Spoken to ASH Technology Marketing's CEO by the Executive VP of a large and established I.T. company (not a client...), in reference to the presence of our client (an "upstart" junior alliance partner of the speaker, at the G-TEC '95 Trade Show and Conference, Ottawa, Canada.

"...The best news release, the best overall media briefing package I've ever seen. [ASH Technology Marketing] has done a superb job on the announcement for you."

Senior Technology Editor of a major business publication, spoken to an ASH Technology Marketing client CEO in the course of interviewing for a feature story resulting from an ASH media relations assignment.

"... He turns to his Marketing VP and says: 'These brochures are outstanding... our stuff isn't this good. Why isn't our stuff this good?'... I can't tell you how proud I felt... The meeting just took off from that point!"

From the CEO of an ASH Technology Marketing client (for whom our role was to provide all marketing communications and participate in all marketing strategy development). Describes the reaction of the CEO of the Canadian division of a huge multi-national I.T. software corporation, to our client's new positioning and new collaterals, at a meeting to establish a strategic alliance.

Another day, another sale. Life is beautiful

"Senior buyers and executives who wouldn't return my calls before... now make time to meet with me."

"They don't ask: 'Who???' on the phone anymore. And I don't have to waste half my meeting with them explaining who we are and what we do. They already know."

"For the first time, we're being invited to bid with the big boys on the multi-million-dollar opportunities..."

"Our 'closing rate' (ratio of sales to opportunities) is up. Cost of sale is down. Writing proposals has become a lot more rewarding!"

"You're getting us in the door..."

"...sustained, profitable, revenue growth of better than 50% for each of the four years you've been co-ordinating and executing our marketing communications..."

These six quotations were selected from dozens of comments received from account executives and senior management of just one ASH Technology Marketing customer throughout a four-year engagement as their full-service "extended marketing department", 1991-1995.

"No one who attends this trade show will leave without getting your client's message ... I am absolutely impressed. Can you do that for us, next year?"

Unsolicited, from a client's alliance partner

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