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Mentoring: Hot blood from the outside "Businesses where more than 20% of top managers are 'outsiders' (consultants, or employees with fewer than three years experience in the business unit) consistently exceeded their expected return on investment (ROI) by 10 percent. Growth businesses that depended on 'inside' management for decision making fell short of expected ROI by 20%."

Major U.S. study by Hay Group, Strategic Planning Institute, & The University of Michigan

"Canada doesn't have any weakness in the technology/science side of the business; but in marketing, sales and general management we absolutely can't compete on a world scale. In the United States, a lot of mentors come from big companies and help small companies. That phenomenon doesn't happen in Canada nearly as much - where people who have been there before can bring these badly needed skills..."

Doug Cameron, President, Noranda Enterprises Ltd., early 1990's

"I am VERY happy with the service we have received. I think the value, responsiveness, energy and results have all been superb!"

Unsolicited e-mail from the Senior VP of a client, commenting on the executive mentoring and marketing advisory assistance (and execution assistance) received from ASH Technology Marketing, April, 1998

"The global economy is not what most managers assume it to be. It is not a race based on productivity, but one of innovation. Efficiency, no matter how brilliantly applied, only extracts more value from existing assets. Only inventing -- new products, ideas, services, applications -- generates new value."

John Dalla Costa, Marketing Magazine, 1997

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