Let's not over-analyze...

It's actually rather elementary, Watson...

Our objectives for this website are simple: to give you (presumably a potential customer or team-mate) enough information about us so that you can evaluate the "fit" -- of our corporate culture, business approach, relationship models, and marketing philosophies, with yours.

We don't want to be your "supplier" or "vendor" (or your "client", for that matter...), and we're not trying to "sell" you anything. There's no e-commerce capability on this website -- you can't order or purchase anything -- and that's deliberate.

We choose our "partners" -- both customers and team-mates -- very carefully. Personal contact is essential to this process, just as it is essential to the powerful strategic synergy we like to achieve with all our "partners".

If this website gives you the basis of determining whether there's a potential for "chemistry" -- whether it's a worthwhile investment for you to contact us to further explore that potential -- then it has done its job.

If you don't "buy in" -- if you don't believe the concepts and benefits we've presented here are important -- then you aren't likely to become one of those "partners". Good to know! There, again, this site has done its job.

Actually, we're simply BURSTING with creativity in here...

The message -- or the medium?

Perhaps you came to this site looking to evaluate it, not for its intellectual content, but for its creative flair. Fair enough, but please understand this:

We didn't set out to build a "flashy" website. We set out to build something simple, straightforward, fast and informative.

We've certainly built "jazzier" sites for various clients who had "jazzier" needs --- but no one site --- no single sample of our work --- could accurately portray the capability, diversity, and creativity of our team.

(Our design team alone includes nearly a dozen creative design, illustration and web creation companies --- with an incredible range of creative styles and techniques... Imagine trying to do that justice, here...)

If you "just don't get it", may we suggest you invest a few moments and read our Detailed Corporate Profile.

Gary Phippard

President & CEO

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