The power of strategic synergy (one of our key slogans)

First Glance ASH Technology Marketing is a uniquely configured, full-service, out-sourcable strategic marketing services team.

We specialize exclusively in the service of high-technology organizations.


Our mission is to be the most competent, most responsive, most results-oriented and most comprehensive marketing services team possible, to truly add value as a powerful extension of the internal strategic marketing resources of selected high-tech companies in Canada and throughout the world.


Our goal is to remain relatively small, providing an extremely high level of service to a fairly small number of active clients at any one time.


Nevertheless, we have grown to be a substantial and multi-faceted organization. We are now ranked among the top advertising agencies, the top public relations firms and the top marketing consultancies in our marketplace, and certainly the top or among the very top in each field, to genuinely specialize in serving high-technology companies.

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ASH Technology Marketing (established in 1990) is the primary operating division of Phippard & Associates Strategic & Technological Consulting Inc., a consulting company incorporated under the laws of Canada in 1983. We've been providing superior strategic services to hi-tech companies worldwide for more than a quarter-century...

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This eight-page corporate profile is a detailed description of our services, our unique approach to our clients, our corporate culture, our organizational structure, our marketing philosophies, our hi-tech specialization, and our expertise and experience.

It's the best place to really get to know us, short of coming to see us personally.

If you want a more brief introduction, check out the "Quick Picture".

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