~ Accolades ~

Our greatest reward is the satisfaction of seeing our clients succeed, and knowing our assistance has played a part. A close second, however is the unsolicited compliments, thank-yous and testimonials we keep getting from satisfied clients...

"Our goals for these advertising and media relations campaigns were tied to our need for recruiting. You have far exceeded our wildest expectations in this regard. We are very pleased with the results you have been able to achieve and would like to discuss with you what other activities we might be able to engage you in... Your work so far for us has been commendable and I look forward to our ongoing relationship. Many thanks for your efforts."

Unsolicited mid-engagement feedback from a client for whom ASH Technology was providing integrated marketing and Marcom services to operations in Ottawa, Toronto, Boston, San Jose, and Maryland. 1997

"I hear you guys walk on water... Have you got time to do some marketing magic for us?"

Engagement request [by telephone] by a new client on referral from an existing client, 1997

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the crucial contribution you have provided to the Canadian lab. Your innovative approach to establishing our presence in Ottawa has been key in making this lab successful. It has been a real pleasure working with you and your team."

Unsolicited thankyou from a client for whom ASH Technology Marketing provided a complete "outsourced marketing department" to the Canadian subsidiary, as well as selected strategic marketing and marcom services to the California parent. Received December, 1999, at the conclusion of the three-year engagement, due to a merger/takeover of the parent company.

"I'm really happy that our relationship is working out so well. We are seeing results. Your contributions are really appreciated and they are valuable. You've done more for our organization in a few months than we have been able to do in over a decade. You're good."

Unsolicited e-mail, 1997, from a client for whom we provide strategic marketing advice, marketing strategy formulation, executive mentoring, and integrated, multi-track marketing and MarCom program development and execution.

"The product logo design is brilliant!!! ... extremely quick and strategic in your thinking... I'd also like to congratulate your team on your grasp of our product, its functionality, positioning, and audiences... The results of our strategic meetings together are excellent! We've defined a product that is much more sensible... Your team's expertise and contacts are appreciated... It's clear that ASH will provide a cost-effective means of delivering all our marketing... Teamwork works!"

Unsolicited letter from the Director of Marketing of an ASH Technology Marketing client, 1996

"I'm back! I'm the new CEO here... I put three conditions on taking this job... The third was that I get to bring you guys in as my marketing right-hand... We're listed on NASDAQ... We need to completely reposition the company in the marketplace. How quickly can you get here for our first brain-storming session?"

...unsolicited telephone call to ASH Technology Marketing's CEO Gary Phippard, from an individual who twice before had been an ASH Technology Marketing client, to engage the ASH Technology Marketing team for a third time, 1998

"I've never spoken to anyone who makes as much sense, has as much insight, is as logical as you. The other guys just want to sell me an ad campaign... You really seem to understand the essence of marketing... You've got strategy!"

...unsolicited, from a new client, discussing an enlarged mandate, March, 2000

"To be honest, I'm ticked off. More than a little envious, to be specific. You've made them larger than life. You built them a stunning booth, got them a prime spot on the show floor, generated traffic, right into their booth. Their brochures and that contest really work. Look at them, over there... all the people in their booth... like shooting fish in a barrel.

"We look amateur by comparison, and our booth is garbage. I want you to do for us what you've done for them."

Spoken to ASH Technology Marketing's CEO by the Executive VP of a large and established I.T. company (not a client...), in reference to the presence of our client (an "upstart" junior alliance partner of the speaker, at the G-TEC '95 Trade Show and Conference, Ottawa, Canada.

"...The best news release, the best overall media briefing package I've ever seen. [ASH Technology Marketing] has done a superb job on the announcement for you."

Senior Technology Editor of a major business publication, spoken to a client CEO in the course of interviewing for a feature story resulting from an ASH media relations assignment.

"... He turns to his Marketing VP and says: 'These brochures are outstanding... our stuff isn't this good. Why isn't our stuff this good?'... I can't tell you how proud I felt... The meeting just took off from that point!"

From the CEO of a client (for whom our role was to provide all marketing communications and participate in all marketing strategy development). Describes the reaction of the CEO of the Canadian division of a huge multi-national I.T. software corporation, to our client's new positioning and new collaterals, at a meeting to establish a strategic alliance.

"Senior buyers and executives who wouldn't return my calls before... now make time to meet with me."

"They don't ask: 'Who???' on the phone anymore. And I don't have to waste half my meeting with them explaining who we are and what we do. They already know."

"For the first time, we're being invited to bid with the big boys on the multi-million-dollar opportunities..."

"Our 'closing rate' (ratio of sales to opportunities) is up. Cost of sale is down. Writing proposals has become a lot more rewarding!"

"You're getting us in the door..."

"...sustained, profitable, revenue growth of better than 50% for each of the four years you've been co-ordinating and executing our marketing communications..."

These six quotations were selected from dozens of comments received from account executives and senior management of a single client throughout a four-year engagement as their full-service "extended marketing department", 1991-1995.

"Thank you for all you are doing and have done - we enjoy working with you and brainstorming - you put the professional fun into what could be a painful process!"

Unsolicited e-mail, from the Office & HR Manager (a "stakeholder/participant" in the strategic marketing planning process) at a client for whom ASH Technology Marketing functions as the entire marketing department, on an outsourced basis. Received June 1998 after one year on the client's team.

"I've never heard of you guys, and I have no idea what you do, other than that it has to do with top-notch marketing. But if [he] says we need you, that's good enough for me. Will you help us?"

Engagement-by-telephone by a new client, 1992, on referral from a well-known and highly respected hi-tech CEO (of an Ottawa-based public company) who had been our client previously for some 3 1/2 years.

"I wanted you to be the first to know, I tendered my resignation today. I'm going to follow my dream and run my own show, with your help, as we discussed... I have to look after some details with the [California] venture capitalists... I'll be ready for you to start in about 2 weeks -- okay?"

"Engagement by telephone" by a past client (as Executive Vice President) starting a new company, 1999

"No one who attends this trade show will leave without getting your client's message ... I am absolutely impressed. Can you do that for us, next year?"

Unsolicited, from a client's alliance partner

"They're up to speed faster... empowered to generate ideas... to participate in the power of creative thought, which can lead to innovative solutions. Organizations such as... ASH Technology Marketing achieve higher levels of performance because they've created an environment that makes use of their collective knowledge. The capacity to mine ideas for improvement and innovation from each and every incremental experience is a critical component of resource leverage."

Gilles M. Robert, "Maximum Effect: Leading your Organization to Optimum Performance in the New Economy", copyright 1999, ISBN 0-9685212-0-7, page 155.

"Thanks for your super efforts helping us launch our advertising and media relations campaigns, our IPO and our new product! Your strategic and industry expertise and insight have been most beneficial."

Unsolicited from a client, 1990

"In the past year we have worked with you and your associates to achieve a local profile with a view to successful recruiting and to communicate to the local industry and media our vision of electronics design. This relationship has been very successful. We have exceeded our recruiting goals and have communicated very effectively to the local media why we are here, what we are doing and why we are good for local industry.

"I would like to commend your energy, creativity and responsiveness each time we have called upon your services. I also want to specially mention and commend you for your pro-active and effective liaisons with the local media that resulted in accurate clarifications in cases where the media had come into possession of false or incomplete perspectives of our abilities here in the Ottawa region. This has saved us on several occasions needless embarrassment."

Unsolicited letter from the Executive VP of a Silicon Valley electronics design company for whom ASH Technology Marketing had served as the outsourced "complete marketing department" for the Canadian subsidiary. The letter was received in May, 1998 at the completion of the engagement.

"We all think the quality and impact of the last few press announcements has been really excellent. Getting some statements out of the politicians in Canada was a real coup, a real boost for our perceived status and profile in the marketplace. Great Stuff!"

Unsolicited e-mail, January 1998, from a client for whom ASH Technology Marketing was providing comprehensive marketing strategy formulation and execution services, including tactical media relations.

"... The only organization I've found in my coast-to-coast research that embodies tomorrow's enhanced business models in both its customer relationships and its internal structure and staff relationships."

Gilles Robert, President, Adams Research Group, describing ASH Technology Marketing, 1997.

"Our Board of Directors are delighted with the repositioning strategy... our imaginative new slogans... new exhibit has given us a real presence... the new brochures are generating unprecedented positive response from the Board, our staff and our customers."

Unsolicited letter from a client (VP, Marketing), 1992

"I thought that is was important to conclude our telephone conversation with a letter to thank you... You have certainly been instrumental in establishing a functional communication component to our programs, and I am personally very glad that we can continue to obtain your expertise for our communication strategies in the future."

Unsolicited mid-engagement feedback from a client, August, 1998

"I am VERY happy with the service we have received. I think the value, responsiveness, energy and results have all been superb!"

Unsolicited e-mail from the Senior VP of a client, commenting on the executive mentoring and marketing advisory assistance (and execution assistance) received from ASH Technology Marketing, April, 1998

If you don't feel this way about your marketing helpers, maybe it's time to give us a call!

Subject to certain confidentiality constraints, the specific sources of many of these accolades can be disclosed, on request. Please contact us to request this information.

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