Exploiting Windows of Opportunity

Change equals opportunity... Many consultants and ad agencies waste precious client dollars and marketing lead time doing unnecessary studies, fancy reports and glossy concept presentations.

We'd rather invest your precious marketing dollars in actions, deliverables and results!

"Excellence, Together"... one of our 3 key slogans Our approach emphasizes flexible, informal brainstorming with our clients and "no-nonsense" implementation of ideas and strategies.
Creativity... strategically harnessed We are both opportunistic and results-oriented, combining:

--- early identification and execution of priority actions that will achieve short-term results,

--- concurrent refinement and implementation of strategies to meet your long-term marketing needs, and

--- ongoing "strategic awareness", fitting all activities to your overall marketing strategy and watching for changing external or internal factors that impact your strategy and create new opportunities.

Unexpected market opportunities pop up frequently. The secret is to have the awareness, talent and responsiveness to detect, select and exploit them, strategically, within the framework of your marketing plans. This is dynamic, opportunistic, strategic marketing. It works!

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