Strategic, Integrated, Tactical

Short-list of our services We emphasize a multi-track, integrated, strategic approach to all marketing activities.

Each task is planned and executed from the framework of an overall "big picture", maximizing your competitive advantage and market penetration.

Each task, each deliverable reinforces the others, giving you a powerful, consistent market presence.

Our integrated project management maximizes synergy and keeps everyone focused on the marketing results you need.

We don't need spoon feeding, so you have exactly the level of involvement you want... no more, no less.

You've Never Seen Anything Like Us!

No other organization that we know of offers such full-service, strategically-driven marketing, so specialized to the unique challenges and opportunities of the high technology sector.

No one else has been doing this since 1983...

No one even comes close.

We bring talent, experience and enthusiasm. Applied to your needs, these strengths enhance your competitive edge, your market posture, your success.

Think of us as Aladdin's Genie...

Marketing wizards, at your service!

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