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Customer Partnering: a new model Look closely. Our corporate structure, our customer relationship model, our contracting model, our approach, our philosophies are very different. Worldwide, innovative agencies are struggling desperately to build new business models... to break free from the customer-adversarial, segmented, project-based cultures that have been their tradition.

The new models are always about being full-service. One-stop shopping for their customers. Integrated multi-track marketing. Expertise first, deliverables second. Strategic marketing. Big picture.

Funny thing. That's exactly the business model we've been perfecting since 1983.

Depend on us... as part of your team

We don't want to be your supplier...

We want to be a part of your team. You should be able to depend on us like you would your own employees. But, of course, without the overheads, the utilization challenges, or the job security commitments!

We have a vision of the ideal relationship with you. And it's not about "account management". You are not an "account" and you don't want to be "managed". You are a key source of marketing expertise. And so are we. Our vision is about synergy, collaboration, and teamwork:

~ synergy, based on mutual respect, openness,

and a diverse, combined skill set

~ high leverage for you ­ no spoonfeeding required!

~ co-operative, informal teamwork, focused on results

~ an anti-adversarial, "partnership" atmosphere, where

we act, and are treated, like an extension of your team

~ a common, long-term view, with a shared commitment

to your success.

"Relationship" Versus "Task Sourcing"

Whatever you need, whenever you need it! Our vision of the ideal relationship is a long-term one. "Relationship" implies a degree of mutual respect, trust and knowledge that fosters dependability and commitment. It doesn't matter how many tasks you ask us to help with, or how much we bill you. What matters is that you feel you can depend on us to take care of that which you choose to delegate, freeing you to optimize that which should not be delegated!

Many high technology companies choose a task-based approach to hiring professional marketing help. This often leads to complicated, ineffective marketing scenarios where multiple suppliers compete for the customer's budget. Integrated strategic marketing becomes very difficult.

The relationship-based approach, by contrast, delivers enhanced synergy and leverage, and a more effective, consistent, unified, integrated marketing presence with a lot less "supplier management" burden:

Task/Relationship contracting comparison Relationship Task

Multi-task integration and re-enforcement



"Big picture" strategic approach



Supplier loyalty



Supplier continuity



Mid-stream strategic change of plans



Learning curve leverage



Customer-supplier team building



Customer-supplier relationship type



"Supplier management" burden for the customer



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