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How Does the Relationship Work Financially?

We work on a fee-for-service basis, usually to "90% probability level" cost estimates.

Estimates are provided at a program-wide level, by stream (advertising, media relations, etc), by deliverables, or any combination of those. It's up to you.

For ongoing relationships with "preferred customer" partners, several special billing options are available: please contact us for details.

A word about budgets...

The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) suggests a minimum marketing budget (in a non-volatile marketplace and with "status quo" business objectives) of 5% of gross revenues.

Many successful high-tech companies are spending 10-30% of gross revenues on marketing, particularly during market assaults, product launches and other special expansionary periods..

However, in many situations we can achieve tangible, high-value marketing results, even for clients with challenging profile-raising or product-launch objectives, for much less than that.

We fundamentally believe that any marketing expenditure, whether budgeted or not, should be made only on the basis of probable incremental result.

Effective, strategic marketing is an investment.

Part of our job is to maximize ROI.

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